Monday, August 22, 2011

FroliCat BOLT Interactive Laser Cat Toy Review

I'm not sure if this toy drives my cat nuts or if he is enjoying pretending like he's on the hunt. I like to believe that it is the latter.

As soon as you turn this thing on, it makes a whirring noise and shoots a laser around in a slow rhythmic motion that intrigues my cat to no end.

He'll chase after it, jump up on it, pounce on it, try to scale the wall and jump at the ceiling for that little red dot.

I'm a little concerned that this type of game frustrates him because there isn't a way for him to feel rewarded. That is, he endlessly pounces at the red dot but never gains the satisfaction of catching his prey.

However, it's great for exercising him and making sure he stays physically active as an indoor cat.

Also be sure not to point the laser into the cat's eyes!


  • Great exercise
  • Cat feels like he's hunting
  • Fun to watch cat jump up at the ceiling
  • No reward mechanism for cat (chases red dot forever, pounces and "catches" but no real satisfaction)

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