Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bergan Starchaser Turbo Cat Scratcher Cat Toy Review

We bought Peter a Bergan Starchaser Turbo Cat Scratcher a few months ago and it's one of the few toys he likes.

We spend quite a bit of money on toys for our cat and quite a few of them have been hit or miss so far.

The Bergan Starchaser Turbo Cat Scratcher has been a hit. Peter loves it...

This toy costs about $14 and also includes a little scratch pad.  The little ball that spins lights up and blinks when hit, and Peter loves it. He'll sit around it and swipe at it and it keeps him relatively entertained.

Peter uses the scratch pad every time he wakes up and stretches so we are on our second replacement scratch pad (they are pretty cheap and last a couple of months) and need to replace the light up ball. He has pretty much stopped playing with it since the ball stopped blinking (so between choosing the one that blinks/lights up or doesn't, I would choose the one that blinks/lights up).

The downside to this toy is that you have to replace the scratch pad and/or ball every so often (when the ball runs out of batteries or when your cat scratches the pad to bits)--they are about ~$4-5 each.

  • Keeps my cat entertained
  • He enjoys the ball that lights up and blinks
  • Plays with it often
  • Uses the scratch pad whenever he stretches/wakes up

  • $4-5 for replacement scratch pad when the scratch pad is ruined (you actually don't need the scratch pad especially if you have a scratch post or something else so you can totally skip this if you so desire)
  • $4-5 for replacement ball when the ball runs out of batteries/stops flashing (they last several months of play)

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